06.September 2023

Setting the course for the hydrogen region of East Württemberg

by Mint Hydrogen Admin

Giengen, 19. Januar 2023.

The master plan for the "Future East Wuerttemberg" offensive assigns the Heidenheim and Ostalbkreis districts a key role as a hydrogen region. The course has already been set: The hydrogen projects include a hydrogen filling station in Giengen, which is due to go into operation as early as 2024.

At an information event on 19 January 2023 in the Walter-Schmid-Halle in Giengen, District Administrator Peter Polta expressed his delight at this positive outlook: "Up to now there has been no supply to meet the growing demand for hydrogen. That's why there will be a hydrogen filling station in the district in 2024. We are thus taking another step towards a climate-neutral hydrogen region in East Württemberg, which is one of the goals of our "Future East Württemberg" campaign.

Oberbürgermeister Dieter Henle

The Lord Mayor of Giengen, Dieter Henle, also emphasised the importance of hydrogen for East Württemberg and the interest of his city in playing a responsible role: "With the GIP A7 and other successful companies in the city area, Giengen is clearly positioning itself economically in East Württemberg. The forthcoming district heating network and the establishment of N!Kom also show that we are a forward-looking, active community. A hydrogen filling station complements this profile perfectly - Giengen is investing in the hydrogen region of East Württemberg and in climate-neutral mobility!

Integrated into a conventional JET fuelling station in Giengen's A7 industrial estate, hydrogen from JET H2 Energy will be available in the future. The hydrogen refuelling station in Giengen an der Brenz will be one of the first of a total of 250 in Germany, Denmark and Austria and is expected to go into operation in 2024.

HyExpert Projekt H2 Ostwürttemberg vorgestellt

The HyExpert project H2Ostwürttemberg, which is funded by the German government, was also presented at the event, as were the current efforts in the hydrogen region of East Württemberg: the region is to be supplied with green hydrogen via a hydrogen pipeline to be planned and built by the transmission system operator terranets GmbH. The requirements for this are currently being analysed. Voith also provided information on drive systems for zero-emission commercial vehicles. Several potential suppliers of H2 vehicles - including those for hire, such as Hylane - also provided details on the use of hydrogen in vehicle fleets.

Around 50 company representatives attended the hydrogen infrastructure and use event. District Administrator Peter Polta and Lord Mayor Dieter Henle emphasised the role of entrepreneurs and commercial vehicle operators on the road to climate neutrality: "Only together can we seize the opportunity to make the city of Giengen, the district and the region of East Württemberg climate-neutral. Join us in hydrogen-based mobility. Together we can achieve the climate goals we have set ourselves".

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